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TheelUtil Update Log

December 2021 Updates

No updates this month :(

November 2021 Updates

November 21st, 2021
1. You can now be notified for dailies with !dailynotify
2. You now get 48h before your daily/vote streak resets, rather than 36h
3. Better error message for !toilraid if target's TUT is <= 10k
4. Removed unusable category from !help command

November 22nd, 2021
1. Fixed bug causing daily notifications not to be sent with dailynotify on.
2. Fixed bug with invalid commands other than !dailynotify turning dailynotify on/off

October 2021 Updates

No updates this month :(

September 2021 Updates

September 7th, 2021
1. Removed undocumented server_id argument for !copyquest, !copyweapon, and !copyshield

August 2021 Updates

August 15th, 2021
1. Fixed bugs with !copyshield
2. Updated a few translations

July 2021 Updates

July 6th, 2021
1. Fix another error with !allraids
2. You can now add multiple ranks to quests with !rankadd and !rankremove

July 11th, 2021
1. Fix bug with !prestige cnf
2. Fix bug with !allraids
3. Fix bug with an owner command

July 15th, 2021
1. Fix bug with other languages

July 23rd, 2021
1. Fix more bugs with !prestige cnf
2. Fix some bugs with !aqa
3. Update some translation formatting

July 27th, 2021
1. !fuseweapons now has a maximum output of 10x your limit rather than 2x
2. Fix bug with !fuseweapons saying you have too many weapons in your inventory

June 2021 Updates

June 5th, 2021
1. Added new option to an owner command
2. Fix command parsing of integer arguments
3. Reduce some logging

June 9th, 2021
1. Fix error with !tqc and !aqa money calculation
2. Slightly increase money earned from !aq
3. Adjust !daily notification text

June 17th, 2021
1. Made code for !prestige far cleaner
2. You can no longer go more than 10 education below your highest education level
3. !pc now shows the amount of education you'll lose from prestiging
4. Changed default bot prefix to t!
5. Added info from 4 to the join message

June 21st, 2021
1. Fixed link and other typos in join message

June 22nd, 2021
1. Fix errors with !allraids
2. Update bot status for new prefix/website

May 2021 Updates

May 3rd, 2021
1. Prestiging now requires you to be at level 80 + (2 times the number of your prestiges)
2. Updated translations to reflect this

May 5th, 2021
1. Fix bug displaying percentages in !toilraid
2. Implement multiprocessing to use all available cores on the machine.

May 12th, 2021
1. Fix rounding bug with !toilraid
2. Significantly decrease toil multiplier
3. Start transitioning legacy translation code to a new cached system
4. Halved amount of TUT, doubled job level gain, and increased amount of TUP by 33% (from toiling)

May 13th, 2021
1. Increase !toil rewards by 5x

May 14th, 2021
1. Update erroneous teamshop message

May 20th, 2021
1. Fix a bug with !createaccount
2. Increase maximum currency cap for discoin transactions by 10x
3. Increased maximum currency sent in one transaction by 2x
4. Fix bug with bot not notifying you of successful discoin transactions
5. Made bot process Discoin transactions every minute instead of every 3 minutes

May 26th, 2021
1. Allow people to use k, m, and b to shorten for thousands, millions, and billions
2. Fix error with !createquest

April 2021 Updates

April 6th, 2021
1. Changed image filter to boost performance and speed but slightly lower quality
2. Money resets to 1 trillion if you have more than the bot can handle

April 8th, 2021
1. !toilraid now only shows people that you can raid
2. Sped up calculations for pvp and quest battles
3. New players now need to manually create an account to use the bot
4. Cleaned up !stats command code (~150 lines to 30 lines)

April 9th, 2021
1. Fixed showing WebP images on profiles
2. Added lose_chance parameter to !tr and redesigned how you win/lose
3. Fixed math error in !tr

April 13th 2021
1. Vastly sped up !myquests rendering
2. Added !usedummy money
3. Added !teambuy 10, for 25k TUT per teamcash

April 15th, 2021
1. Reduced image command cooldown from 5 seconds to 2 seconds in light of faster rendering
2. Added profiling for further optimization
3. Fix bug with !usedummy

April 17th, 2021
1. Fix math error in !tr
2. Fix bug with !language

April 19th, 2021
1. Update translations for !ud money
2. Fix bug with !ud money not subtracting a dummy

April 20th, 2021
1. Fixed bug with !count

March 2021 Updates

March 1st, 2021
1. Added gambling; !blackjack and !russianroulette (thanks @DeveloperAnonymous)
2. Fixed bug with interactive battles

March 15th, 2021
1. Fix some bugs
2. Update two translations
3. Add a tip

March 22nd, 2021
1. Doubled speed of !myquests
2. Cleaned up !ping command code (~200 lines to 40 lines)

February 2021 Updates

February 2nd, 2021
1. Reduced raid spawn chance by 50%
2. Cleared 270 current raids
3. Changed perm level of spawnraid to TheelUtil Owner
4. Max out money from transferdata at 1 Quintillion (instead of 9)
5. Speed up a very slow function

February 8th, 2021
1. Increased raid spawn chance by 10x
2. Added a tip
3. Updated some translations

February 25th, 2021
1. Decreased raid spawn chance again
2. Adding logging to figure out missing weapon/shield bugs
3. Updated more translations

January 2021 Updates

January 12th, 2021
1. Set up stage on the backend for data transfering
2. Increased price for !prestigebuy 1 to 50 TUP
3. Added a tip

January 13th, 2021
1. Fixed bug where certain quests wouldn't spawn if they had multiple spawn channels specified
2. Major code cleanup for quests in preparation for multiple ranks

January 15th, 2021
1. Added 6 tips
2. Fixed a quest spawning bug

January 27th, 2021
1. Fixed up !transferdata
2. Coerced some types to try and fix stuff disappearing
3. Replaced "Due" with "TheelUtil" in certain tips
4. Fixed issue with !teambuy 1

January 28th, 2021
1. Fixed issues with !createquest
2. 5% chance to get a reminder that you can turn off quest notifs
3. Reduced raid spawn chance by 80%

December 2020 Updates

December 1st, 2020
1. Fixed issue with shields disappearing
2. Fixed issue with leaderboards
3. Changed raid spawning process to spawn more evenly
4. Increased raid spawn chance by 2.5x
5. Adjusted raid exp formulas

December 3rd, 2020
1. Made website much more secure
2. Changed inner workings of toil raids
3. Made future tier 1 raids easier

December 6th, 2020
1. You start with 1000 TUT after a prestige now
2. Lowered raid defense for all tiers
3. Doubled raid spawn chance
4. Tier 1 raids now take more damage

December 11th, 2020
1. Fixed bug with toil raid payouts
2. Made !toilraid cooldown 2h instead of 6h
3. Halved the max !toilraid rewards
4. Increased base stats of Slime

December 12th, 2020
1. You can now set quest ranks to 0 for levels 1-10
2. Increased base stats of Mega Mouse

December 14th, 2020
1. Tier 7 raids can spawn now
2. Fixed buying a prestigeshop item

December 15th, 2020
1. Attempted fix for disappearing shields
2. Increased reward percentage digits shown for successful toil raids
3. Tier 7 raids have reasonable stats now

December 17th, 2020
1. Fixed bug with equipping shields
2. Fixed bug with spawning of level 7 raids

December 22nd, 2020
1. Max !toilraid payout is now increased by the reward increase
2. !toilraid cooldown decrease has been removed from the shop
3. Various website loading speed improvements

December 26th, 2020
1. You can set ranks up to 15 for quests now
2. Made on_message more efficient
3. Updated some translations

November 2020 Updates

November 8th, 2020
1. Fix various typos
2. Improved efficiency of raid code

November 17th, 2020
1. Fixed typo in !invite
2. Edited server join message

November 19th, 2020
1. Fixed issue with custom emojis not working with !createweapon and !createshield

November 20th, 2020
1. Reduced starting money to 250
2. Changed raid stats
3. Boosted raid spawn chance

November 23rd, 2020
1. You can no longer sell None weapons
2. Fixed wagers not displaying
3. Profile pics work again in !mi
4. Changed raid spawn chance from 10% to 2%
5. Changed !rbt cooldown from 10m to 15m

November 25th, 2020
1. Changed raid spawn chance from 2% to .1%
2. Added a maximum to toil raid of 10m TUT, 10k atk/strg/accy, and 100 TUP
3. Added 3 new tips
4. Fixed a few bugs

November 28th, 2020
1. Added new owner command
2. Fixed interactive battle bug
3. Fixed bug with nonexistent jobs

November 30th, 2020
1. Fixed issue with topdog languages
2. Reload non-loaded shop items/quests in the background
3. Fixed uneven quest spawning
4. Fixed website leaderboard

October 2020 Updates

October 8th, 2020
1. Changed intents, pfps will be buggy for a while
2. Removed old messages from Hitchhiker's event

October 14th, 2020
1. Changed how !sendquest works

October 22nd, 2020
1. Fixed certain images breaking image_url thumbnails
2. Added a tip

October 29th, 2020
1. Fixed an issue with quest days not resetting
2. Re-enabled warnings for forgetting taxes

September 2020 Updates

September 3rd, 2020
1. Fixed global leaderboards not showing anybody

September 6th, 2020
1. Added !reloaditems, for anyone to reload their quests/weapons/shields with if they break
2. Improved some translations
3. Made the argument parser more efficient

September 7th, 2020
1. Added an !argusage command.
2. TheelUtil now tells you to check the args command if you're using the wrong arguments for a command.
3. Fixed some formatting

September 8th, 2020
1. Owners can now add jobs even if the position is already taken
2. Added a few precursors for eventual backend split into clusters
3. All leaderboards should now be correct

September 11th, 2020
1. Boosted quest chance from 67% to 80%
2. Removed a tip

September 12th, 2020
1. Discoin processes every 3m now instead of every 5m
2. Increased toil raid cooldown from 30m to 6h
3. Fixed discoin bug allowing you to have over the max bal when receiving

September 15th, 2020
1. Default starting money is now 1000 TUT

September 26th, 2020
1. Fix an issue with !toilraid
2. Update translations

August 2020 Updates

August 2th, 2020
1. Improved translations and started transition to better functions
2. Improved grammar
3. Added second base weapons, shields, and quests
4. createshield now maxes shield defenses at 1 Quintillion
5. copyquest shouldn't error for no reason now
6. Added an everywhere option to shutup and unshutup.
7. Added 2 tips about update 6.

August 3rd, 2020
1. !unshutup's args are now case-insensitive
2. Fixed an issue with values for !createweapon being too large

August 9th, 2020
1. Dummy stat gain for atk, strg, and accy now rounds to 2 decimal places instead of 1
2. Partially implemented a new translation backend
3. Hopefully fixed disappearing weapons again
4. Improved some more translations

August 13th, 2020
1. Adding curly quotes to weapon/quest/shield names with the new create commands should no longer make them unviewable
2. Re-added discoin
3. Translation improvements
4. Fixed an error with !raidbattle

August 18th, 2020
1. Weapons should now be properly recalled if the bot left the server they were in
2. All weapons in your inventory should now load whenever you use !mw

August 28th, 2020
1. Minor updates to translations
2. Fixed another error with !copyquest
3. Fixed some website stuff

August 31th, 2020
1. Finished implementing database rewrite 2.0
2. You can now delete one of the two default quests
3. You can no longer accept a quest normally while in an interactive battle.

July 2020 Updates

July 1st, 2020
1. Fixed discoin marking transaction as handled but giving nothing (I think)
2. Fixed weapons disappearing on restarts (probably)

July 15th, 2020
1. Fixed a bug with leaving only one job with !leavejobs
2. Improved some translations

July 31st, 2020
1. Improved more translations
2. Added a new tip
3. Blocked off Discoin until I can make it work with the new API
4. Minor text changes

June 2020 Updates

June 4th, 2020
1. Fixed some quests not showing the created by field
2. Made !createshield interactive
3. Fixed typos in !createweapon
4. Increased the timeout for create-commands from 30 to 45 seconds
5. Added !copyquest, !copyweapon, and !copyshield

June 8th, 2020
1. !shutup works again
2. Timing out on shield creation now returns an error message
3. Quests, weapons, and shields now lazy-load
4. Bot will send info message in the server's system channel when it joins
5. Miscellaneous other things that I forgot

June 9th, 2020
1. Re-enabled !toilraid
2. Added new banner

June 11th, 2020
1. Added timestamps to logs so I can place approximately when something happened
2. Prevented !copyweapon from copying stock weapons
3. Removed new banner because it was causing issues
4. Added logging to see how many times each command has been used.

June 17th, 2020
1. Fixed a random error when selling weapons/shields
2. Added !streakleaderboard, !topdogleaderboard, and !questsleaderboard
3. Reworked leaderboards
4. Leaderboard medals no longer show after the first page
5. Leaderboard ranks now display properly

June 19th, 2020
1. Added !toggletips
2. Reduced some spammy logging

June 22nd, 2020
1. Changed battle damage formula a bit

June 24th, 2020
1. Fixed an error with !copyquest
2. Creating quests/weapons/shields no longer errors if you put "infinity" for a number stat

May 2020 Updates

May 1st, 2020
1. Interactive battle rewards are now doubled for 7 days
2. Adding a tip to let people know
3. Bot will no longer have to be restarted to update tips

May 5th, 2020
1. Shield equipping when None is equipped should work again
2. Removing None from !shop weapons
3. Removing None from !myshields
4. Updating Discoin info

May 7th, 2020
1. Adding some cpu usage logging to boost efficiency
2. Quests now win if neither side does damage for interactive battles

May 8th, 2020
1. Deleting interactive battle messages no longer crashes the battle

May 20th, 2020
1. Cooler, interactive !createquest and !createweapon commands
2. New tips
3. Removing an old tip

May 24th, 2020
1. People can now quit interactive weapon/quest setup by saying quit or cancel
2. You can now use the old arg format for the new interactive setup if you forget to use the old command, but it'll disregard silently
3. New tips

May 29th, 2020
1. Fixed avatar images for some people
2. Fixed a backend error that was spamming logs

May 30th, 2020
1. Fixed a rare bug where sometimes people couldn't buy shields

April 2020 Updates

April 4th, 2020
1. Fixed a bug with !leave cnf
2. Formatted Discoin refunds better
3. Cleaned up error logging

April 6th, 2020
1. Placeholder Raid should no longer show in !allraids
2. Changed the tutorial link in !help
3. Fixed !setcmdkey

April 8th, 2020
1. Replaced as many instances of "DueUtil" with "TheelUtil" as per MacDue's request
2. Fixed quest spawns not logging
3. Fixed the loading of server prefixes

April 9th, 2020
1. Shortening !help slightly
2. Removing some logging

April 10th, 2020
1. Viewing quests should be working again
2. Due now backs up every 8h instead of whenever I remembered
3. Optimized bootup to be slightly faster

April 13th, 2020
1. 2 new tips, changed 1.
2. Discoin processing should continue through exceptions
3. Due now backs up every 30m instead of every 8h
4. Shortened !help createweapon
5. Added placeholders for interactive battle commands
6. Added !deleteme

April 14th, 2020
1. Fixed !aqi for the people who won early access to interactive battles
2. Edited the damage calculation for !aqi
3. Final preparations for the job rewrite

April 16th, 2020
1. Reduced saving of players to lower CPU usage
2. Anyone with a daily streak of at least 8 can use interactive battle commands
3. Added a notification on !daily about interactive stuff for people above a streak of 8
4. Job rewrite is now live
5. Fixed discoin error because of an update on their side
6. Added Discord latency to !ping

April 18th, 2020
1. Fixing issue with job storage
2. Fixing issue with !mw
3. Due now backs up every 1h instead of 30m
4. Shorted battle damage calculation and made it more efficient

April 19th, 2020
1. Fixing !requestsupport cnf
2. Removing items from the prestige shop
3. Fixing certain battles
4. Replacing DUT/DUP with TUT/TUP

April 20th, 2020
1. Fixing a mod command
2. You won't get a notification for a failed tax filing if you don't have any jobs

April 22nd, 2020
1. Optimized !tqc
2. Increased the base accuracy of !tqc
3. Fixed interactive battles not giving stats
4. Interactive battles are now available for everyone

April 24th, 2020
1. Added a background stat for !aqi
2. Jobs won't put you on criminal list if you have under 10k TUT
3. !sq now displays channel correctly
4. Shortened !help createquest so the help page will display
5. Removed more logging
6. Making player saving more efficient
7. Attacking in aqi removes your charges when the opponent defends

April 25th, 2020
1. Recently created quests should now spawn correctly more often
2. Editing a new spawn channel with channeladd will now remove "All" if it exists
3. Fixed tip typos, and updated an outdated one
4. Minor adjustments to interactive move-picking for quests

April 26th, 2020
1. Counter now has a 1-turn cooldown in interactive battles
2. Charge maxes at 8x instead of 16x now
3. Quest spawn chances/new quests now are guaranteed to update within 5 minutes
4. Edited an owner command to print output if it's over 2k characters

April 27th, 2020
1. Interactive stat gain is now calculated with your starting weapon/shield
2. Switching your weapon/shield mid-battle won't effect your damage/defense
3. You can now get dummies/teamcash from interactive battles

April 29th, 2020
1. Integerizing currency gains in !toil
2. HP modifier now affects interactive battles
3. 2 new tips

April 30th, 2020
1. You now lose 50% of the quest reward if you cancel an interactive battle during the battle
2. Bot no longer needs to restart to apply updates

March 2020 Updates

March 1st, 2020
1. Rewrote database and codebase to make the bot vastly more efficient
2. Brought back normal tips
3. Fixed the bot sending tons of award messages

March 2nd, 2020
1. Fixed !daily sending 2 messages
2. Fixed donor award being given to everyone
3. Fixed bug with !createweapon and !serverquests
4. Fixed bug with a staff command
5. Misc bootup bug fixes

March 3rd, 2020
1. You can only hold 10 bgs/banners/themes at once due to memory issues
2. Fixing bug with !myshields
3. Fixing bug with a staff command
4. Fixing bug with buying bgs/banners/themes
5. Player info now saves correctly

March 10th, 2020
1. Fixing bugs with !bttd, !requestsupport cnf, and !help
2. Temporarily fixing a bug with weapons breaking battles
3. Fixing bug with !raidbattle
4. New players now save to DB

March 11th, 2020
1. Fixing bug with learning and taxes
2. Fixing bug with an error sending twice
3. Fixing another bug with !bttd
4. Adding diagnostics to solve a bug with editquest/editweapon

March 12th, 2020
1. Fixing the bug with edit commands
2. Fixing an owner command
3. Fixing tips not sending

March 14th, 2020
1. Fixing bug with using emojis in createquest/createweapon
2. Fixing bug with !dustats
3. Attempting to re-implement better quest spawning

March 15th, 2020
1. Fixed a typo in a tip
2. Fixed a bug with !giveemoji
3. Fixed a bug with beating topdogs
4. Fixed a bug with !myweapons

March 19th, 2020
1. Fixing discoin exchange being broken with DTC
2. Fixing topdog not being transferred
3. Fixing players not being in teams
4. Fixing bug with dead raids not being removed
5. Slightly lowering the amount of EXP required for a team to level up past 18
6. Made raids slightly more likely to reach tier 5/6 (levels 80-100, 100-120)
7. Adding diagnostics to try and find the discoin processing bug

March 22nd, 2020
1. Fixing a bug with notifying users of failed Discoin transactions
2. Fixing the Discoin processing bug
3. Fixing bug with quest channel adding/removing

March 25th, 2020
1. Fixing a bug with buying shields
2. Removing Discoin logging
3. Testing out a possible speed boost

March 26th, 2020
1. Adding support for smart single quotes
2. Adding a new error when attempting to channeladd a string
3. Adding a tip to !setcmdkey
4. Replacing an old tip

March 31st, 2020
1. !prestigecheck now tells you your education level if you prestige
2. Fixed !jobstats showing the wrong amount of DUP

February 2020 Updates

February 4th, 2020
1. Changed battle formulas
2. Fixed bug with !acceptquestall
3. Attemped a fix for shields with a value of None.

February 9th, 2020
1. Added 3 jobs
2. Added 2 tips
3. !setup now adds shields and doesn't spam
4. Misc bugfixes

February 10th, 2020
1. Added a detailed !ping command
2. Added a new tip
3. Updated an old tip
4. Added some spicy new easter eggs to some commands

February 11th, 2020
1. Fixed bug with !joblist
2. Made !joblist look better
3. Made !teamshop default to page 1
4. Backend changes to improve efficiency

February 13th, 2020
1. Removed unnecessary clutter from !joblist
2. Fixed bug with !teamshop
3. Bringing down max limit from dummies to 9x from 10x

February 16th, 2020
1. Cleaned up !teamshop

February 23rd, 2020
1. Fixing !teamshop
2. Made !senddummy clearer and simpler
3. Removing !fuseweapons as the poll requested
4. Edited !update

February 25th, 2020
1. Replacing all tips with rewrite notices temporarily

February 28th, 2020
1. Condensed !daily into one embed
2. Editing the rewrite tip for tomorrow

January 2020 Updates

January 3rd, 2020
1. Fixing the bug with getting quests while learning
2. Small code optimizations
3. Added 2 translations

January 7th, 2020
1. Updating shield display on info
2. Adding more Discoin limits
3. Updating the database to make the bot a bit faster
4. Decreasing the benefits to quest money from prestiges
5. Updated the !vote response to be one embed instead of 3 messages

January 9th, 2020
1. Increased Discoin balance limits
2. Removed a tip
3. Updated shield display

January 11th, 2020
1. Fixed an issue with !ps display and bonus calculation
2. Fixing an issue causing !tqc to go into an infinite loop
3. Updated !tqc to be far more accurate
4. Fixed a bug with !mi's display of shields
5. Quests can now spawn in multiple channels
6. More backend changes

January 22nd, 2020
1. Fixed bugs with quest channels (hopefully)
2. Weapons should sort according to the correct price in shop
3. Fixed !jobstats showing outdated reward
4. More backend stuff

December 2019 Updates

December 1st, 2019
1. Fixed a bug that gave dummies on quests when the dummy max was reached
2. Updated 2 translations
3. Translations have been added to 3 new commands
4. Added a new limit on an admin command

Decembr 2nd, 2019
1. Updated list of people that can get sent an invite when someone uses !requestsupport cnf
2. Added a spam detection feature

December 4th, 2019
1. Raised threshold for a message to be spam
2. Fixed a bug with equipped shields and prestiging
3. !vote cooldown shouldn't reset after prestige anymore
4. Fixing some bugs with admin commands
5. Misc other bugfixes

December 8th, 2019
1. Various QoL improvements
2. Minor bugfixes
3. UX update for !help

December 10th, 2019
1. Reduced max active quests to 10
2. Added debugging info to an owner command
3. Adding additional logging to try and find the crash reasons

December 11th, 2019
1. Added the GPLv3 License link to !botinfo
2. Reduced Max Daily Quests to 80
3. Owner command bugfixes
4. Added support for curly quotes

December 14th, 2019
1. Adding something I missed when transferring shields
2. Brought Head Teacher down in the job list
3. Fixed a wager bug

December 16th, 2019
1. !help embed was cleaned up as according to polls
2. You can now get quests (at half chance) with jobs
3. Daily website rewards now reward 4x for visiting 3 times

December 19th, 2019
1. Fixed a bug with !qc and !pc
2. Removed the ban from battling Kurono
3. Updated info on the warning for !learn
4. You can now buy 10 teamcash and a learning stop in the prestigeshop
5. Removing the extra message for !ps and !pc
6. Increasing max HP, Def, and Limit bonus for dummies from 5 to 10
7. Decreasing max Prestige bonus for dummies from 5 to 3
8. Halved the Limit and HP dummy increase rate
9. Dummy Prestige should save now

December 21th, 2019
1. Shields sell for full price
2. Replaced all tips temporarily
3. Updated an owner command
4. Raids spawn at double the chance
5. Increased prestige coins from prestige by about 40%
6. Increased prestige bonus by about 8%

December 25th, 2019
1. Doing !jobstats with no arguments shows info for all your jobs combined
2. Not filing taxes on time takes 90% less DUT than it did
3. You can't join 2+ of the same job anymore

December 28th, 2019
1. Shields no longer sell for full price
2. Updated an owner command
3. Fixed a bug with raids
4. Added Discoin compatibility

November 2019 Updates

November 4th, 2019
1. Background and Banner previews now show in shop
2. Team creation teamcash requirements have been reduced to 50
3. Language support has been added to 6 new commands
4. !daily now shows a link to the website
5. Added Tagalog and Filipino as supported languages
6. Kicking the bot from your server now no longer removes quests/weapons/shields/teams
7. Limited battles to 300 turns to prevent battles from going on forever and crashing the bot

November 14th, 2019
1. Added 4 new tips
2. Language support has been added to 2 more commands
3. You can't battle kurono because they're too OP
4. Removed some unnecessary code to make the bot use less CPU
5. Disabled the !afk feature as part of number 4

November 20th, 2019
1. !vote now scales with level and streak
2. !daily's teamcash reward has been halved because of number 1
3. Now if Due is missing permissions for something, it should tell you specifically which perms it's missing
4. The link for the pending bots on discord page has been added to !vote and !invite
5. All the links I could find that display a web page have been put in code blocks so it doesnt display the text-blocking part
6. Fixed a bug with !buydummy

November 21st, 2019
1. Updated a few help commands
2. Clarified some unclear exception messages
3. Added 3 new tips

November 23rd, 2019
1. Weapon emojis were fixed
2. Damage calculation was changed a bit
3. Delayed website updates a bit so Dev can catch up
4. Preparing some backend stuff for the boss raid update

November 25th, 2019
1. Added two raid commands for users
2. Added two raid commands for bot admins/owners
3. Added 2 tips

November 26th, 2019
1. Fixed a bug letting people battle raids outside of their tier
2. Fixed a bug allowing multiple dummies to be used to gain multiple stats in one command
3. Updated 2 tips
4. Made !toil give all rewards in one message
5. Fixed a bug with raids not giving rewards
6. Fixed a bug with raids not showing remaining HP
7. Fixed a bug with !vote links
8. Added translations for 10 new commands
9. Added prestige bonuses from dummies, but nerfed base prestige bonuses

November 27th, 2019
1. Hopefully fixed a bug with toiling grammar
2. Hopefully fixed a bug with toiling rewards
3. Nerfed DUP gain from toiling by 50%
4. Fixed a bug with raid spawning
5. Fixed a bug with not being able to accept raids at your tier
6. Fixed an improper translation
7. Removed the extra line on !limit
8. !usedummy is no longer caps-sensitive in its arguments

November 28th, 2019
1. Gave mods 3 new commands
2. Gave admins 2 new commands
3. Made quest accepting a bit more speedy and efficient
4. Fixed a few translation bugs

November 30th, 2019
1. Fixed perm levels for a few commands
2. Updated max shop item count to 180
3. Added translations for 5 new commands
4. Added a new option to an owner command
5. Fixed a bug with an admin command

October 2019 Updates

October 2nd, 2019
1. Hopefully fixed the missing shield on battle bug
2. Fixing a potential bug with equipping shields
3. Fixing a reported bug with equipping shields
4. Adding some code in preparation for the next update

October 10th, 2019
1. Added 2 new tips
2. Adjusted the formula for how often you get a tip
3. Tips now display in the language you set
4. Hopefully fixed all shield bugs

October 16th, 2019
1. Added 3 new tips
2. You can now view weapon info with the name as a number
3. Added language support for a few more commands
4. Improved some translations

October 21st, 2019
1. The amount of taxes you pay should be greatly reduced
2. Filing taxes will leave you with more DUT than before
3. Added 2 new tips

October 29th, 2019
1. 1 new tip
2. Fixed another bug with shields
3. Halved tax payments

October 30th, 2019
1. Fixing a bug with quest ranks/tiers
2. Fixing a bug with !joblist
3. Lowered the average probability of tips from 20% to 15-16%
4. Added 6 new tips
5. Updated the info in the !update command

September 2019 Updates

September 13th, 2019
1. Language support has been added to !learntime/!learn
2. Language support has been fixed for !learntime/!learn
3. Quest spawn boost should now be only 2 decimal places
4. Tips have been added, with a 33% chance of appearing with every command used.
5. !teambuy and !prestigebuy now default to 1 item being bought
6. Cleaned up !help categories a lot

September 16th, 2019
1. Lowered tip chance from 33% to 25%
2. Cleaned up !help categories more

September 26th, 2019
1. Commands that result in an exception due to syntax/improper usage no longer trigger ratelimits/cooldowns
2. Background and banner previews should now show in shop.
3. A few new tips :)
4. AFK has been slightly improved and bugfixed
5. Limit has been lowered
6. Shields!

September 28th, 2019
1. Fixing broken limit multiplier
2. Fixing embed footer issue
3. Hopefully fixed shield equipping problem

August 2019 Updates

August 4th, 2019
1. !learn cnf takes 33% less time to complete

August 10th, 2019
1. Quests should now spawn at the correct levels
2. !learntime now shows your current education tier.

August 15th, 2019
1. Fixed a bug with !leaveteam
2. Fixed a bug with !topdog
3. Renamed former due mod to "trial staff" from "scammer police"

August 19th, 2019
1. Base DUT gain from quests has been reduced by 67%
2. The prestige bonus to quest money, has been reduced by 67%
3. Everyone's limit has been reduced by 67%
4. All weapon prices in the shop have been reduced by 67%
5. Added !requestsupport
6. Fixed a bug with an owner command
7. Lowered !createteam cost to 100 TC from 500 TC
8. Added a line about support requests to the join message
9. Added a line about support requests to the help page
10. Added language functionality to a few more commands

August 20th, 2019
1. Due no longer says a weapon was recalled
2. Changes for price should now be applied retroactively to weapons
3. Deposit only gives an extra 25% instead of 125%

July 2019 Updates

July 4th, 2019
1. Fixing bug with !toilraid
2. Fixing bug with !testquestchance

July 17th, 2019
1. Fixed rounding error with !usedummy

July 20th, 2019
1. Updating !help page and formatting
2. Fixing bug with !joblist
3. Adding numbers to items in !teamshop

July 27th, 2019
1. Added !myteam, !promote, !allteams, !demote, !editteam, !deleteteam, !createteam, and !leaveteam.
2. Changed up !jointeam, by which I mean totally rewriting it.
3. Fixed some bugs with !aq, !aqa, !daily, !topdog, and literally almost every rewritten team command

July 28th, 2019
1. Fixed an issue with !jointeam.
2. Fixed an issue with !aq and !aqa while in a team.
3. Fixed issue with !promote and !demote.
4. Fixed issue with !createteam allowing you to create while in a team.

July 29th, 2019
1. Teams may only have up to 5 elders and 2 co-leaders now.
2. Fixed a bug with !demote.
3. Fixed a bug with an owner command.

July 30th, 2019
1. Added !homeinvite, and fixed a bug with it
2. Added homeserver option to !editteam
3. Admins can no longer sudo people for !jointeam
4. Replaced !myteam with !teaminfo
5. Team Exp will always be a whole number
6. Team TopDog count should now be tracked for all teams.
7. Added language support for !buydummy and !usedummy
8. Added teamcash as the third item in the prestige store

July 31st, 2019
1. Teams now require less exp to level up
2. All image commands have new font

June 2019 Updates

June 3rd, 2019
1. Added !toilraid
2. Added !prestigeshop
3. Added !prestigebuy

June 4th, 2019
1. Learning time has been reduced by 25%
2. Fixed a bug with criminals
3. Fixing a bug with !daily streaks
4. Fixing a bug with !filetaxes

June 10th, 2019
1. Added !learntime
2. Halved the DUP limit bonus
3. Improved backend efficiency
4. You're charged 2.5x more for not filing taxes

May 2019 Updates

May 1st, 2019
1. Reduced prestige # bonus
2. !tqc will not return quest index errors
3. !tqc will show virtual guaranteed quests with 85%+ accy

May 9th, 2019
1. Strength will no longer give bonuses far larger than the other stats
2. Partial Translate mode
3. !clearweapons for admins

May 12th, 2019
1. Updated !botinfo
2. Updated !invite
3. Now prunes players every 15m

May 23rd, 2019
1. Bugfixed the new quest system
2. New command for owners
3. Bugfixed !acceptquestall

May 25th, 2019
1. Job system
2. Battle healing
3. Fixed !sc bug.
4. More equal quest spawning.

May 26th, 2019
1. Fixed !jobs not responding
2. Changed to !joblist
3. !joblist can now be used on other players to view their jobs

May 29th, 2019
1. !filetaxes charges less
2. Fixed !aqa bug
3. Fixed !pc bug

April 2019 Updates

April 1st, 2019
1. April Fools magically turned Due into Commando Evert
2. !questcheck will now say if you can't get a quest.

April 3rd, 2019
1. The longer you hold topdog, the higher your chance to recieve a quest is.
2. Your quest chance multiplier increases by 1x every 2500 prestige coins.
3. Daily streaks
4. Dailies now give teamcash
5. Reorganized help categories

April 4th, 2019
1. Re-enabled !buydummy
2. You can no longer buy dummies with !teambuy

April 5th, 2019
1. !teamshop (page/item name) now shows you info on all the stuff for !teambuy.
2. !buydummy lets you buy dummies now
3. Buying defense on teambuy now gives 3% per buy instead of 2%

April 6th, 2019
1. Fixed defense multiplier giving a 2% increase instead of 3%
2. Made !teamcash show normal integers

April 9th, 2019
1. Quests now have an option to limit spawns to a certain range of 10 levels.
2. Fixed a daily teamcash bug.

April 10th, 2019
1. Reset hidden bot-wide command usage stats
2. Shows command usage stats in !dustats
3. Prestige now takes half of your teambuy items/boosts and teamcash.
4. Non-server admins can now view !serverquests
5. Buffed prestige coin bonuses above 417 DUP
6. !pc shows what bonuses prestige will give you.

April 21st, 2019
1. Changed the prestige formulas a lot
2. Admins can no longer ban other admins/owners
3. Prestige minimum level down to 80

April 22nd, 2019
1. !sendummy lets you send another player a limited amount of dummies.

April 26th, 2019
1. Server admins can now set aliases for weapons
2. !uw now takes 2-4% of your money when you fail
3. Quest spawn chance boost in teamshop now gives nice round numbers
4. !spawnquest is fixed

April 29th, 2019
1. !limit now shows more information
2. Fixed !senddummy

April 30th, 2019
1. Redid presige boost
2. Added !mytopdogstats
3. Added !testquestchance, or !tqc
4. Updated !limit formatting

March 2019 Updates

March 6th, 2019
1. Added !donate command, which embeds a paypal donation link
2. Added 2 mystery commands, which will be revealed when the finding event ends
3. Added !givedummies command for admins

March 9th, 2019
1. Added !joinroulette (!jr), !rouletteinfo (!ri), and !endroulette (!er, only for admins)
2. Fixed a !teamclaim disabling bug

March 12th, 2019
1. Added !prestige, !prestigecheck (!pc), and !prestigecoins (!ps)
2. Added a feature that gives you stats when you decline a quest but only if you have prestige coins
3. Added max quest stats and max quest exp limit break, but again only if you have prestige coins.
4. Added a reset if the bot thinks you're sending money to an alt before prestige

March 14th, 2019
1. Modified prestige coin formula to give a bit more prestige coins for the same stats.
2. Updated !update
3. You now keep a bunch more stuff during prestige.

March 19th, 2019
1. Added !topdogstats (!tds), which is basically !topdogtime but shows how many times people attempted to take topdog for you in addition, and it's in a cool embed
2. Now the bot will automatically take fake topdog awards if you battle with it

March 20th, 2019
1. Decreased max daily quests from 100 to 75 temporarily to prevent mod spawnquest abuse until I code another solution.
2. You now get more prestige coins from prestige when above level 75.
3. Each prestige coin no longer provides a flat bonus of 1 to the max stats rewards from quests as the bonus has transferred to a logarithmic scale.

March 22nd, 2019
1. New limited-time !jackpot command.
2. Slightly nerfed the prestige bonuses for max quest stats.
3. Nerfed limit bonus for prestige coins.
4. Increased the base max daily quests from 75 back to 100.
5. Mods and admins can only spawn 20 quests per day to limit abuse.
6. Applying anti-botting system to !jackpot
7. Nerfing DUP teamcash bonus for quests

March 28th, 2019
1. Added !count (number) (optional: message for owner)
2. Fixed all util commands not working
3. Fixed !tds and !mtdt and !tdt not saving your topdog time

February 2019 Updates

February 5th, 2019
1. Added !upgradeweapon command, info in !help upgradeweapon
2. Temporarily removed !sendquest until some issues could be fixed
3. Added a defense system to battles, where defense is purchasable in teamshop

February 6th, 2019
1. Changed the amount you lost from failing !upgradeweapon to 10% of your money

February 8th, 2019
1. !daily has been reduced from a base of 10000 to 200
2. All trains have been reduced by 4/5ths
3. Limit has been reworked. You can buy a 5% limit increase in the teamshop for 50 teamcash, and it increases to a max of 3x your base limit
4. 2x Daily Quests has been increased to cost 500 teamcash, quest time reset increased to 125 teamcash, defense upgrade prices reduced to 75 teamcash, and 500 DUT price decresed to 1 teamcash
5. !fuseweapons (!fw) is now added, and the syntax is as follows:
!fw (weapon 1) (weapon 2) (new weapon name) (teamcash sacrifice)
You're guaranteed success, the teamcash sacrifice has to be min 100 and max 1000. it costs 100 teamcash to use the command, but sacrificing 100 teamcash usually results in a weapon with damage lower than the sum of the two fused ones
6. New bot admin commands: !increaselimit, and !setlimit
Bot admins only, not server admins

February 13th, 2019
1. Dummies! Use !help buydummy and !help usedummy for more info
2. For !teambuy, you can now buy multiple of each item for items 3, 6, and 7, but you have the write the number for all of them regardless. !help teambuy for more info
3. Dummies can now spawn in quests
4. The bug with limit not increasing when limit increases were bought has been fixed
5. Brought dummy cooldown from 5 minutes to 15 minutes
6. Lowered atk/strg/accy modifier from 2.5% of your current stat to .1%

February 19th, 2019
1. Temporarily disabled !buydummy
2. Added !dummies, to let you check how many dummies you have

February 26th, 2019
1. Added !pricetest (!pt) (damage) (accuracy), which will calculate you the price of a weapon in the store without actually creating it
2. Added !battletopdog (!bttd), which automatically makes you battle the topdog without requiring you to copy/paste the ID.
3. Attempting to fix the "3x limit" bug with !fw

February 27th, 2019
1. !fw should finally work.
2. !takeaward command, for Mortal and I to easily take away awards breaking profiles
3. Teambuying dummies was giving 8 every time, now it'll give the correct number you wanted.
4. !damagetest (!dt)
5. !accuracytest (!at)
6. Fixed !suggest and !bugreport

February 28th, 2019
1. !questcheck (!qc). It tells you how long you have to wait until your daily quests reset, how much time is left until your next chance to get a quest, and how many quests you've beaten since the last reset
2. Added -illions between Octillion and Bazillion (Nonillion and Decillion) because it covers 6 more powers of 10, so 1337 haxors can have more options for their cash
3. Changed "Bazillion" to "Haxillion" cause anyone who has bazillion is a haxor
4. Fixed "haxillion" not having a space
5. Added ten more -illions (undecillion, dodecillion, tredecillion, quattuordecillion, quindecillion, sexdecillion, septendecillion, octodecillion, novemdecillion, and vigintillion"), to cover 30 more powers of 10

February 29th, 2019
1. Fixed !teamclaim cooldown not saving

January 2019 Updates