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TheelUtil Awards

Normal Award Guide

- Achieve by not using any TheelUtil command for over 6 months.

Save the Server:
- Achieve by beating a quest.

Win a Wager:
- Achieve by winning a wager.

Lose a Wager:
- Achieve by not winning a wager ;)

Sugar Daddy:
- Achieve by giving a player over 50 DUT.

Red Mist:
- Achieve by losing your first quest.

- Achieve by giving a player a potato with !givepotato.

King Tat:
- Achieve by giving a total of over 100 potatoes with !givepotato.

- Achieve by buying a weapon.

Breakdown of Society:
- Achieve by giving a player an emoji with !giveemoji.

- Achieve by giving a total of over 100 emojis with !giveemoji.

- Achieve by beating another player within 2.5 levels of you in one shot.

- Achieve by making over 100 pieces of "art" with !eyes or !glitter.

Forgot my Cheats!:
- Achieve by beating MacDue in a battle.

- Achieve by winning 2500+ wagers.

- Achieve by losing to 10 quests in a row.

Not dead (yet)!:
- Achieve by losing to a player infected in the "Theelutil Pandemic" (!pandemic)
- Achieve by logging in to this website!

Attain Rank 1:
- Achieve by reaching level 10.

Attain Rank 2:
- Achieve by reaching level 20.

Attain Rank 3:
- Achieve by reaching level 30.

Attain Rank 4:
- Achieve by reaching level 40.

Attain Rank 5:
- Achieve by reaching level 50.

Attain Rank 6:
- Achieve by reaching level 60.

Attain Rank 7:
- Achieve by reaching level 70.

Attain Rank 8:
- Achieve by reaching level 80.

Attain Rank 9:
- Achieve by reaching level 90.

Attain Rank 10:
- Achieve by reaching level 100.

Special Award Guide

Quick Note:
If you have grabbed every other achievement in the normal award list, you can join the support server and message Theelx 4980, the bot owner, and she'll give you every special achivement so you can complete your quest for every award!

One True Type Font:
- You can still get this by using !benfont.

You're Back!:
- You had to have been an old tester of the original Due to get.

For Harambe:
- An Admin would have to give this to you.

- 11!!!1!1!!1!11!

TheelUtil Admin:
- Be an Admin in TheelUtil.

TheelUtil Mod:
- Be a Mod in TheelUtil.

- Be Mortal 4303's friend.

- Reach a negative level.

Background Accepted!:
- Submit a background, and get it uploaded for TheelUtil.

- Be the topdog.

All MacDue Ever Wanted:
- Donate to TheelUtil. There was an old bug that allowed people to get it from buying the first teamshop item, however that has since been removed.

Something went wrong:
- Be an original DueUtil tester.

Team Bador Member:
- Be a member of the old Team Bador.

Team Neon Member:
- Be a member of the old Team Neon.

Team Ban Member:
- Be a member of the old Team Ban.

Team Ban Founder:
- Be Mortal 4303.

- An Admin would have to give this to you.

- Be Sjustein#8204.

Almighty Owner:
- Be Theelx 4980.

- You would have had to exchange DUT for another Discoin currency on the original DueUtil.

So Cold:
- Achieve by mentioning DueUtil 3321.

- Achieve by drawing a battle, quest, and/or wager.