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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "!!! You can't afford the risk!" mean? - This means you don't have half of the quest reward in cash. You always must have at least half the reward of the quest in cash, as if you lose the quest, you'll lose that much DUT. - To fix this, try using !daily, as that will give you some cash.

I'm only getting +0.01 stats! Help, I can't level up like this! - If you're getting only +0.01 stats, it means you're using too strong of a weapon, or the quest is far too weak for you. You can't use overpowered weapons on weak quests, otherwise this would be too easy ;) - To fix this, have a server admin edit the quest to make it weaker, or use a cheaper weapon.

I'm not getting quests! - If this happens, then Due either can't read the channel you've been talking in, which means it doesn't know you've been talking, you haven't had good luck with quest spawning, or the bot detected you've been spamming. Usually it takes about 12 minutes to spawn a quest, but it can take longer. You can use !questcheck to check how long you have until you have to send a message for a chance of a quest.

What does "!wish" do? - In the original bot, it increased the chance of you getting a quest by a 10-millionth of a percent. However, in this bot, it increases the chance for a quest by .25%.

Why does the bot keep reacting to my commands with a question mark? - It means you used the wrong syntax for the command. Use !help , and the vast majority of commands will display a help page with the proper syntax.

The bot says this command is for admins, but reacts with a red cross whenever I try and use it even though I'm an admin! Why? - This is because that command is for bot admins. For DueUtil, there are 4 perm levels above server admin, trial bot mod, bot mod, bot admin, and bot owner. When it says a command is for mod or admin, it should specify whether the command is for Server Admin/Mod or Bot Admin/Mod.

Can I get mod? - Every few months, or whenever we need more mods, you have a chance to apply. Only then can you get mod/admin, you will not get it any other way. If you keep asking for mod when it isn't open, you may be rejected automatically at next mod apps or striked.

How do I give myself quests/money/exp? - You can't. Only bot mods can give quests, and only bot admins can give money or exp. However, you can buy DueUtil money or quests in the Unbelievaboat shop in #unb-botchat (in the Support Server) for currency that you earn through talking.

How do I join a team? - Use !jointeam to join any of the teams that you can view with !allteams. If the team name has a space in it, make sure to surround it with quotes, like !jointeam "Team Champions".

Helpful Commands


1. How do I get education? - To earn education tiers, do !learn.
2. How do I join a job? - To join a job, you can view the jobs that you can get with !joblist, then do !joinjob (job name) to actually join it.
3. I can't pay my taxes, how do I leave my job(s)? - You can leave all your jobs with !leavejobs. You cannot leave just one job at the moment.
4. What benefits can I get from jobs? - To earn DUT, DUP, ATL, STRG, ACCY, or job level, do !toil (stat name). To view valid stat names, do !help toil.

1. How can I meet other people on my team from other servers? - Use !homeinvite to recieve an invite to the home server of the team, where most of the other team members will be in!

1. How do I know many quests I can do today? - To check how much time is left until you can get your next quest, when your quest day resets, and how many more quests you can do today, do !questcheck (or !qc)
2. I always forget to use !qc and send a message when it's time! - To have the bot automatically remind you when you can get a quest, do !autotimer (number of reminders you want).

1. Is there any way to check what price a weapon would be without actually making it? - Yes! Use !pricetest (damage) (accuracy).
1. Is there any way to check what price a shield would be without actually making it? - Yes! Use !shieldpricetest (defense) (defend chance).